Scarlet prawn in a Portuguese/Japanese fusion sushi!
Gunkan de Carabineiro!

When forbes magazine says we are in the top 10 places to eat in lisbon ...
We were really very proud of it!

O niguiri de sardinha assada acompanha o nosso Chef desde que o criou em 2007. Desde então tem sido um sucesso em todos os restaurantes onde passou! Incluindo aqui n’A Taberna do Mar porque já é o preferido dos nossos clientes! 🌊

The grilled sardine nigiri as been a trademark of our Chef ever ...

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há 2 meses
The staff was welcoming and reasonable. We walked in just after they opened and fortunately got two seats without reservations (don't count on this). The tasting menu was amazing and almost entirely sea-based. The chef shared personal history and methods. The drinks blew us away and we left feeling like we found a hidden gem. Go here, trust the staff, don't be afraid.
- Henry G
há uma semana
Went there yesterday with 3 more friends and... what an amazing experience! A small cozy restaurant with some familiar vibes. The tasting menu is around 8 dishes full of surprises and with an extraordinary good quality. The service is on point, every dish is explained with love and commitment and the wine options and suggestions from the staff were also very good. It's good to be taken aback with experiences like these. It's essential to book a table.
- Afonso G
há 2 meses
We had the most delicious meal here! The place is cozy and lively, with delicious fish-based food combining old family recipes and international influences (Japanese, etc), with a modern spin. The service was excellent! We tried the pairing menu which was outstanding. Highly recommended.
- Lizzie G



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